Examples of Club Activities

The MOMS Club® of Woodbury Chapter, MN

Our MOMS Club® meets throughout the week to engage our children and each other in our community. We meet primarily during daytime hours as each of us are able. You and your children are invited to all activities but attendance is never required.  Sometimes it's hard to meet up because of a nap schedule or sick child, and we understand that! Scheduled events vary depending on the weather and interest from active moms in the club.  We have a monthly planning meeting where we discuss chapter business as well as brainstorm ideas for our club's calendar.  We also connect in our closed Facebook group, where we offer each other everything from meaningful advice to silly humor. 


Play Group: Playgroups offer MOMS Club® members and their children a warm welcoming environment and a strong support network of friends.  By joining a playgroup, you are offering your child and yourself the opportunity to form strong friendships and bonds on a more personal and intimate level in a safe and comforting environment. Play groups help you create a network for play-dates, child-care, conversation, MOMS support and lots of fun!

Park Dates: Sunny days are perfect for playing at the park! We explore various parks around Woodbury and our surrounding community, offering moms time to visit while the  kids burn off some energy!

Story Time at the Library: Meet us at R. H. Stafford Library for story time! Members will often extend the fun with lunch in Central Park.

Field Trips: We enjoy planned visits to the zoo, Children's Museum, bouncy houses, splash pads and so much more! Are you heading out somewhere last minute and would like some company? Just post your excursion in our members only Facebook group and see who else wants to meet you there!

KAMP: "Kids Away, Moms Play" is a popular activity for our moms with school age kids. KAMP activities  could be lunch at a local restaurant, conversation at a coffee shop or a matinee movie, to name a few!

Mom's Night Out:  This is a night just for YOU and your fellow moms. Leave the kids home* for this experience that only happens one night a month! It's very popular and always entertaining! Past MNO events include bowling, trapeze flying or a "random act of kindness" blitz. Sometimes we stay in and enjoy a game night, jewelry exchange or our most memorable "White Elephant Gift Exchange" tradition in December. MNO always provides much needed adult conversation, laughter and memories! (*Nursing mothers can bring their child along!)

Helping Hands: Helping Hands is a voluntary program in which members provide meals, child-care and/or other assistance when fellow members have had a baby, a medical emergency, or any other situation where our help is needed. Life can be hard any day, but when stresses run high, it’s nice to know that a hot meal or support is on its way.